Celebrity kids lead very different lives from the rest of us. Besides being famous before they’re even born, they’re entitled to perks the rest of us can only dream of. As the son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Saint West is used to a very specific sort of lifestyle — and one of the benefits is that he gets to wear the hottest sneakers before anyone else. Hey, it helps when your dad is the designer. Saint West recently showed off a new pair of Yeezys, and is stirring up major shoe envy among the rest of us.

Saint has been spotted rocking the newest pair of Yeezys, months ahead of their scheduled release. The tiny tot was seen on his mom’s Snapchat recently wearing a pair of green shoes from Kanye West’s upcoming collection, due out in June. Needless to say, shoe fanatics went into a frenzy. Not only are these shoes going to be the must-have footwear of the summer, they’re going to be incredibly hard to come by.

And as if rocking an exclusive pair of Yeezys isn’t impressive enough, Saint manages to take it one step further. Those killer kicks will only be available in that color for adults, so Saint and his big sister, North, could very well be the only kids with that particular footwear (unless Kanye and Kim decide to share the style with the other children in the family).

The rest of us will have to wait until June for a chance to grab a pair of West’s newest shoe style. For now, Saint is the only one lucky enough to show off those fantastic (and must-have) shoes. Shoe envy much?