Lilian Min
December 10, 2016 9:52 am
Westies & Co. /

It’s hard to describe “that S thing”: It’s like a never-ending Moebiüs strip, but blockier instead of the traditional twisted ribbon shape? It seems like it should be punk but it doesn’t really have anything to do with that? And everyone knows what it looks like.

Now, that S thing is the subject of some pretty cute jewelry, courtesy of New York brand Westies & Co.

Westies & Co. specializes in blending 3D printing and quirky pop culture references; check out the model for their weird-cute Gudetama necklace:

And, their pretty dope rendering of the broken image symbol:

But we have to say, their S thing jewelry — including earrings, a pendant, and a choker — hit that nostalgia bullseye hard:

Loving the nostalgia kick but looking to express it another way? Westies & Co. aren’t the only creatives taking notice of that S thing.

You can use the S thing for your ’90s-inspired nails:

Maybe turn it into neon art:

Embroider it:

BAKE IT INTO BREAD (this one truly amazes me):

And of course… scratch/draw it into every surface you can get your hands on:

Long live that S thing, and if anyone knows what it actually is/its origin, please reach out.