Kit Steinkellner
September 18, 2016 8:51 am

They say a trick to motivating yourself to exercise is to buy cool running shoes, because when you put them on you feel like a straight-up backup dancer from the Ariana Grande “Side to Side” music vid.

Republic Records

Using this logic, we are hardcore feeling these rose gold running shoes Puma just put out (they also come in silver and black. They’ll set you back about a hundred bucks but come on, you guys, ROSE GOLD.) If anything’s going to get you to run a mile, it’s sneakers that are the color of the heavens themselves.


Puma’s not the only company getting into the rose gold sneaker game. For $79.98, Reebok’s also got you covered:

As does K Swiss (on sale for $47.99 here)

K Swiss

And if you just want a hint of rose gold, New Balance lets you glam it up with an accent ($99.99):

If you’re just planning on doing some low-key walking today, TOMS makes some nifty rose gold slip-ons ($59.00):

As does Steve Madden (for $69.95):

These Kate Spade lace-ups are rose gold AND sparkly, winner, winner! ($80.00)

And these Baby Phat sneakers are just badass ($29.99):

Baby Phat

Happy rose golding!