Rihanna’s transition from musician to mogul is happening right before our eyes. Her ability to shut down a runway or werk a stage is no surprise, but with yet another design collaboration under her belt, it’s clear that Rihanna’s fashion empire is only growing.

No sneakers this time around: Rihanna’s latest collab is with Swiss diamond jeweler Chopard, and it’s fancy schmancy, to say the least. If you’ve got a couple bands to blow, we highly suggest adding Riri branded diamonds to your collection of Fenty jelly slides, MAC x Rihanna lipsticks, and Stance socks.

The Rihanna Loves Chopard collection has two sections, one that’s more gold and ceramic focused, and another that is a diamond-encrusted dream.

A $1,460 18-carat fair mined rose gold bar ring is the most affordable item from the line. If you want the diamond-encrusted version, it’s $2,400.


The same goes for the Rihanna Loves Chopard rose gold and green ceramic earrings. The version without diamonds is $2,700, but with diamonds they’re a cool $4,220. If you’re feeling the design, spring for the bangle ($3,980) and necklaces ($3,970 to $11,140.) Hey, why not?


The pricier side of the line is extraordinary. Everything is “price upon request,” so you already KNOW what that means.

We’ve got a feeling these sapphire, tourmaline, and gemstone chandelier earrings are in the tens of thousands. (Though Riri probably wears them with sweatpants and a sports bra.)


Rihanna co-designed this 17.18-carat diamond ear clip with round, oval, pear, and marquise cut diamonds. (Call us biased, but this is the most Rihanna-ish piece from the line.)


Nbd, just 19 pear-shaped diamonds in the Rihanna Loves Chopard ear cuff.


What would a Chopard collection be without a timepiece?


Ya know, cause who wants to use their phone to check the time?

Pre-order the Rihanna Loves Chopard at right now. Your bank account might be weeping, but you’ll look like Riri.