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We, along with the rest of people who breathe, have loved Reese Witherspoon since Legally Blonde, where she became everybody’s fav feminist lawyer. Reese herself is a feminist, and so our love for her has only grown over time. Let’s be real: she’s basically a perfect person. Not only is she super talented, super smart, and proudly waving her girl power flag on the regular, she’s also super stylish. (As if we’d expect anything less from Elle Woods.) Since we endeavor to embody Reese’s greatness in all ways, we’re TOTALLY here for any fashion advice she has to dispense.

The one item Reese Witherspoon says you MUST have in your wardrobe?

We think this is totally sound advice that can be applied to much more than just a dress. We all have things in our closet that are slightly too small, or slightly too big, or slightly too short, or slightly too long — things that will do in a pinch, but we don’t love, so we hold onto them in case we lose a little weight or gain a little weight or don’t care one day if our jeans drag on the ground.

So, yeah. We should totally follow Reese’s sage advice and make sure we have at least one go-to dress that we know we look incredible in, and feel ready to conquer the world when we wear it. And Reese also cautions against always trusting the mirror!

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Thanks, Reese. We love that you’re looking out for us.