Sarah Terry
Updated Dec 09, 2016 @ 1:49 pm
Celebrity Sightings on Hollywood Blvd.
Credit: Joe Scarnici / Getty

It’s a rare talent that can spin a viral song into a full-blown career. But Rebecca Black wasn’t interested in being a one-hit wonder. The 19-year-old “Friday” singer has released a steady stream of catchy hits. Rebecca Black wowed listeners with a cover song in November, when she covered Alessia Cara’s “Scars to Your Beautiful.”

Rebecca not only makes a statement with her voice, but with her fashion. She was spotted on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, and she looked like she was draped in magical gossamer.

Rebecca Black paired a leather jacked and jumpsuit with this ethereal, see-through floral gown, and the effect is pure magic.

Credit: Joe Scarnici / Getty

WOW, Rebecca looks like a badass fairy queen, and we love it. The stunning embroidery detail of the flowers contrasts beautifully with her black leotard and jacket.

Just look at the beautiful details of the sleeves.

Credit: Joe Scarnici / Getty

We are in love. The shimmer of the transparent overlay provides just enough coverage, and it makes every inch of Rebecca’s skin glow.

This look clearly makes Rebecca feel fabulous, and we can totally see why.

Credit: Joe Scarnici / Getty

Rebecca’s look definitely seems worthy of writing a song about.