Rachel Paige
Updated Mar 31, 2015 @ 7:42 pm

Remember Ugly Betty? OK, seriously, how could you FORGET Ugly Betty? Though the show only lasted four seasons on ABC, it forever holds a place in our hearts. It was like a hugely comical version of The Devil Wears Prada, with the ultimate high-fashion world heroine, Betty Suarez.

The show was about way more than just about fashion, though. Everyone made fun of Betty for her non-model look but Betty was absolutely beautiful on both the inside and out. The show also gave us an incredibly cast of characters, one of them being Becki Newton’s catty receptionist Amanda. On the press rounds for her newest show, Weird Loners, Newton happened to mention that she would re-team with her Betty co-stars in a heart beat for a movie. Yes, yes, and more yes.

Newton then wondered, “so why isn’t [a Betty movie] happening?” And now we need to know why it’s not happening, too. A Betty movie needs to happen for a few simple reasons.


The last episode of the series finds Betty in London with a brand new awesome job (after leaving her gig at Mode magazine). Guess who else happens to be in London? Only her former boss, Daniel. Betty and Daniel always had a strong working relationship, and slowly it turned into maybe something more over the series. He asks her out to dinner in the last seconds of the show, but what happens after that? We need to know, because they’re kinda meant to be together.

Wilhelmina is life

Vanessa Williams played the most over-the-top creative director we’ve ever seen. She was sassy, she was smart, and she was real. She didn’t put up with any BS, and she told you that, too. Yeah, so she might have always been angling to take over Mode with one scheme or another, but we probably would have followed her there (if she didn’t fire us first, that is).

Amanda and Marc forever

These two came on very hard, but we loved them and all their quick quips about love, fashion, and boys. And in the end, Amanda, Marc and Betty all wound up best friends. Don’t you sometimes wonder what Amanda and Marc are up to on a Friday night?

Betty’s nephew, Justin

The show wasn’t just about Betty’s life at Mode, but her home life, too. There she had her sister, Hilda, her father, Ignacio, and her nephew, Justin. Justin was amazing. Even though he was only a teenager on the show, Justin was his own person, and he totally owned everything. His coming out scene at his mothers wedding is so simple and beautiful, there’s not a dry eye at the reception — or with viewers at home.

The writing was so sharp

The characters on Betty often talked a mile-a-minute, and there were so many zingers and punches throw in there, it was sometimes hard to keep up. Sometimes you’d find yourself thinking about what they said hours later, and start laughing out loud.


Yes, Betty went from that poncho to stylish outfits over the course of four seasons, but regardless, we loved all of her crazy colorful ensembles. Remember how crazy Amanda’s outfits were five years ago? Imagine them now.

Bottom line, we need more America Ferrera in our lives

It’s not like she’s been completely gone these last few years (she had a part on the Good Wife and voiced Astrid in How To Train Your Dragon), but she hasn’t been around as much as we’d like. I know it’s not possible to have Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reunions every day, but we should at least get them like, every other year. It’s time for America to make a comeback, whether on the small screen or the big one, because we’ll flock to it.

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