69 years ago today, we were graced by the gods and goddesses. 69 years ago today, Stevie Nicks was born, and the music and fashion world have never been the same. The Fleetwood Mac singer is as known for her elaborate costumes — which she would wear multiple of during each performance — as she is for her crooning voice. The bohemian goddess has always known the power of a good outfit to help change a concert into a true performance.

We love this idea, and we love how effortlessly Stevie has always executed the “more is more” ideal, especially for her shows. To celebrate the icons’ 69th birthday, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks.

1This batwing number:

2This sharp-shouldered look:

3This glowing golden ensemble:

Credit: Peter Still/ Getty

4The time she posed with a bird:

5Everything about this look:

6This white-on-white outfit:

7The look we’ll be copying all season:

8This lace-on-lace look:

9The most iconic hat, possibly ever:

10This Snow Queen aesthetic:

11And of course, this goth butterfly look:

Happy birthday, Stevie! We can’t wait to see what other incredible outfits you wear!