Queen Elizabeth
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By royal decree, Queen Elizabeth II is about to ~majorly~ shake up her regal uniform. You see, in response to British Prime Minister Teresa May’s surprise call for a for a snap general election come June 8, officials have had to shift the date for the State Opening of Parliament. Meaning that many events on the royal calendar will have to be rearranged and/or replanned. And in the scheduling frenzy, her majesty has made the call to have a “dressed-down” opening ceremony for parliament.

In other words, this will mark the first time Queen Elizabeth has *NOT* worn her ginormous Imperial State Crown to the occasion in 43 years. Cue the jaw-drop!

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While it usually takes place in May, the State Opening of Parliament is being shifted back to June 19 due to the snap election in June and subsequent (potential) shifting of power seats. With the opening pushed back just two days after the famed Trooping of the Colour, the logistics and planning of two events of such a colossal size just would not be possible.

“To allow Her Majesty to attend in support of the parliamentary and constitutional process, The Queen’s [program] of engagements has been revised,” a statement from Buckingham palace read.

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“As a result, the annual service for the Order of the Garter, which had been due to take place on 19th June, has been [canceled]. Knights of the Garter and others due to attend have been informed. Additionally, owing to the revised calendar, the State Opening of Parliament will take place with reduced ceremonial elements.”

In commoner-speak, this is one of only two times in history that her Majesty has not donned her royal robes and two-and-a-half pound Imperial Crown to the ceremony. Instead, the queen will opt for “day dress” in one of her usual brightly colored skirt set and hat combinations.

Credit: Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images

She’ll also ditch her gold carriage for a regular old chauffeured Bentleys.

Oh well. Crown and fur robes or no crown and no fur robes, Queen Elizabeth will still be just as regal and commanding as ever, no matter which outfit she chooses to wear!