Puma leggings
Credit: Puma

By now, you’ve probably heard about the United Airlines leggings controversy. But just in case you missed it, here’s the quick recap: a United agent made two teenage girls slip dresses over their leggings in order to board a flight, citing that the clothes were a violation of a certain United dress code policy. So of course, Twitter chimed in, and users were rightfully pretty ~peeved.~ Plenty of celebs have come out to denounce the policy as well, including Chrissy Teigen, Patricia Arquette, and William Shatner.

Puma leggings fans, get ready to protest leggings discrimination and save! Because in possibly the best clap back move ever, the athleisure brand is giving United Airlines customers 20 percent off leggings.

Puma just swooped in like the champions they are and truly turned this lemon of a situation into lemonade.

So while you’re saving on your Rihanna-approved bottoms, let us remind you why this viral Twitter moment is a big deal.

This incident didn’t start the leggings controversy, but it’s bringing some important light to it. The fact that a garment that allows women to travel and move comfortably is getting so much flack is just further proof that we have some serious feminist work to do. Policing women for their clothing — clothing that covers a large portion of the body, mind you — is a serious form of discrimination. Not to mention that leggings and yoga pants are comfy and practical, and that while flying in our bonnets and hooped skirts may be more “ladylike,” we’re going to have to pass.

In the meantime, we’ll most certainly be exercising our right to don leggings and saving, thanks to Puma.