Credit: Nuraam/Shutterstock

WE LOVE PUGS! WE LOVE CHRISTMAS! Did somebody say Pugly Christmas Sweater?!!?!! WE LOVE PUNS!

This Christmas season of 2016, we’ve never needed humor and cuteness more. When the world seems in such disarray, some few things have fused together in the most incredible of ways. Adorable doggies, our favorite holiday, and a crucial tradition have formed the greatest style trend this side of winter.

Exuent the Ugly Christmas Sweater; Entereth the Pugly Christmas Sweater.

Not just ugly, not just Christmasy, but featuring our favorite bow-wow: the pug. OMG, they’re so pugly. No need to bury them away for your ironic parties. Let’s rock these babies everywhere, all the time. Because they’re worth it.

Little bundles of love.

One Pug, Two Pug


These ones light up!!!

Feliz Navi-dog. 😂

Seriously Cute.

Bah Hum Pug. 😂

Don’t have a Pugly Christmas Sweater, but have a dog and have an ugly Christmas sweater?

Double Pug

Intricately Pugly

Pug, Pug, Pug, Pug, Pugly

This is what hashtags were made for.

We’re so grateful this Christmas for internet trends such as this one. It’s one of the very best things we’ve seen!