It's covering more than half of your face, so might as well wear something stylish.

Lisa Stardust
Jul 02, 2020 @ 9:46 am
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zodiac masks
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie, STATE bags, and J.Crew Factory

Never in a million years did any of us think that finding the perfect protective face mask would be an issue we face, but here we are. While we all have to wear face masks as a form of safety, we can have a little fun with the ones we choose to wear—because although they aren’t regarded as fashion accessories and are health necessities to keep us safe during the pandemic, they do take up plenty of space on our faces. So why not pick some that are reflective of our style?  If you’re wondering where to start, looking to astrology for what your face mask preferences might be is a safe bet.

Finding the right mask that works for each of us can take a minute. Luckily, we broke down the best face masks that align with your zodiac sign to simplify the process.

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Etsy face mask
Credit: Etsy

1 Aries

The ram is the warrior of the zodiac, and what better way to honor this fiery vibe than with a camo face mask? In fact, it will remind Aries to boss up at all times (which may or may not be a good thing) and to always live their lives courageously.

face mask
Credit: STATE bags

2 Taurus

This mask is for the ultimate Venusian babe, which is why Taurus will love it. The bull likes to be put together at all times, and this mask has a lipstick-ready pout to send air kisses. All the more reason why this mask works for the sensual bull.

State Bags
face mask

3 Gemini

Airy Gemini will adore this gradient ombré face covering because the lightweight fabric is breathable. It also shows two different colors blended together, which will satisfy their dualistic nature. This will be their go-to face mask all summer long because it will give them full facial coverage without making their faces too sweaty.

4 Cancer

Nostalgic Cancer adores patterns that remind them of their youth, as this helps them to find comfort in their accessories and clothes. This cute face mask will protect the tough crustacean when they’re on the beach (their favorite spot). All the crab needs is a bathing suit to match.

face mask
Credit: J.Crew Factory

5 Leo

Leos go the extra mile when it comes to their looks, which is why this leopard-print mask will definitely spice up their vibe and also soothe their feline sensibilities. The design will give everyone fair warning not to mess with the fierce lion—and to stand six feet away.

J.Crew Factory

6 Virgo

Virgo likes simple and practical accessories, which is why they will find this all-in-one headband and face mask truly amazing. It definitely fits their “less is more” attitude and allows them to have their protective situation under control at all times, which is how they like it.

Banding Together Project
face masks
Credit: Anthropologie

7 Libra

This sweet mask will brighten Libra’s day whenever they wear it. The old-school gingham will also remind Libra of past summer memories. Plus, if they’re lucky enough to have a matching headband or shirt in the same gingham colors, they can live their best matching life.


8 Scorpio

Scorpio has an edgier preference when it comes to accessories, which is why they will opt for a punky look. They’ll be intuitively drawn to wearing this cool mask set with a powerful vibe because it resonates with their innate style—and they'll wear it for months to come.


9 Sagittarius

We all know that Sag loves a good adventure. This bandana mask will make the archer feel as though they are living in a Western caper movie. Now all they need is their trusty steed to help them ride away towards freedom into the sunset.

floral face mask
Credit: Anthropologie

10 Capricorn

The sea-goat has a traditional sense of style, and this batik mask is simple enough for Capricorn to wear while doing daily activities around town. The emerald green color and floral print will heighten Cap’s earthy sensibilities and abilities to boss up throughout the day.


11 Aquarius

The water-bearer rules the celestial skies, which is why they’ll opt for a face mask that allows them to feel as though they are living in outer space among the cosmos. Chances are, they may even be able to identify all of the stars that are shown on this face mask.

Old Navy masks
Credit: Old Navy

12 Pisces

Pisces likes to feel as though they’re in a real-life fairy tale. Although these face masks are low-key, the dreamy blue hues will allow them to feel like they are floating on cloud nine.

Old Navy