We love seeing pictures of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. This mother-daughter duo is unstoppable with their diva attitudes, overall glamour, and matching outfits. Tina Lawson (mother and grandmother to Bey and Blue) posted a photo on her Instagram of the duo, and Beyoncé and Blue Ivy look like garden goddesses in their green dresses. We are all about these matching ensembles.

The two were all dressed up to attend the Beauty and the Beast world premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday. Bey wore a low-cut flowing springtime green gown with crystal detailing. And Blue looked adorable in a green and pink ruffled dress with embroidered peacocks on the bodice.

Bey and Blue didn’t walk the red carpet at the premiere, but they did stop by to take a couple photos. We’re captioning these two pics, “Beauties pretending to be beasts.” Thoughts?

This certainly isn’t the first time mom and daughter have sported similar outfits. They wore this ruffled floral teal uniform while visiting Paris:

And these matching embroidered denim jackets that made us want to be a part of their club so bad.

This team even has matching bathing suits!

Bey and Blue have been matching since the beginning and we’re so in love with them and their outfits.

We’re wondering if the matching will continue after the twins arrive. Perhaps the Carter family should all get matching letterman jackets or baseball caps to make the coordination a little bit easier. And then maybe we can also get replicas of those letterman jackets/baseball caps so we can also be part of the royal family.

Just let us know what you think, Bey. We’ll be waiting eagerly for your reply!