Hillary Clinton Honored At Children's Defense Fund Event
Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The election is over and Donald Trump has been declared the winner. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop living in #PantsuitNation just yet. You can still pay homage to Hillary Clinton by rocking a pantsuit, and we have a few options we think you’ll love.

Women across the country donned pantsuits on Election Day to show their support for the (should-have-been) first woman president, and searches for white pantsuits shot to an all-time high during Hillary’s campaign. So basically what that means is you need to get your hands on one of these sets immediately — before they’re scooped up by voters who are #StillWithHer.

We hope you find something you love to comfort you in this dark and frustrating time.

1. Wildfang “The Miller Pant” and “The Monae Blazer”

Credit: Wildfang

Get the jacket here, $148, and the pants here, $98.

2. ASOS “Jacquard Suit”

Credit: ASOS

Get the jacket, $91, and the pants, $61, here.

3. The Limited “Two-Button Blazer and Pants”

Credit: The Limited

Get the jacket here, $169.95, and the pants here, $79.95.

4. Wildfang “The Bowie Pant” and “The Deyn Long Blazer”

Credit: Wildfang

Get the pants here, $78.40, and the jacket here, $134.40.

5. Free People “Jill C’s Limited Edition Pantsuit”

Credit: Free People

Get it here for $600.

6. Fashion Union “Tall Velvet Suit”

Credit: ASOS

Get the jacket here, $61, and the pants here, $58.

7. J.Crew “Regent Blazer and Pants”

Credit: J.Crew

Get the jacket here, $325, and the pants here, $250.

And may a little piece of Hillary live on in your closet forever.