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It’s an undeniable fact that in recent years, plus-size swimsuits have gotten CUTE AS HECK. After a lifetime of ruffled tankinis, the curvy girls of the world are finally getting the justice they deserve. Thanks to awesome role models and designers like Ashley Graham and Gabi Gregg, our swimsuit selection is becoming more and more inclusive. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the suits you won’t want to be seen without this summer.

1This sporty floral bikini:

Credit: Swimsuits For All / www.swimsuitsforall.com

Take full advantage of the bold waistband trend.

P.S. SwimsuitsForAll allows you to purchase tops and bottoms in different sizes!

Buy it here for $43.40.

2This adorable netted high-neck bikini:

Credit: Forever 21 / www.forever21.com?BR=plus&Category=plus_size-swimwear&ProductID=2000092584&VariantID=

Love the burnt orange tone!

Buy the top here for $19.90.

3This retro color-blocked one-piece:

Credit: ASOS / us.asos.com

The keyhole cutout and bow add such a girly touch!

Buy it here for $60.00.

4This girly mismatched set:

Credit: Swimsuits For All / swimsuitsforall.com

Such summery vibes!

Get it here for $98.00.

5This adorable lace-up one-piece:

Credit: Forever 21 / forever21.com

The lace-up trend is the perfect mix between sexy and modest.

Buy it here for $29.90.

6This embroidered bikini:

Credit: SwimsuitsForAll / swimsuitsforall.com

Perfect for that boho look.

Buy it here for $64.40.

7A little bit modern, a little bit vintage:

Credit: Nordstrom

We love the silhouette of this beauty.

Buy it here for $98.00.

8This floral underwire bikini:

Credit: Swimsuits For All / swimsuitsforall.com

Love the structure on this one — and the straps are removable!

Buy it here for $58.80.

9This unicorn one-piece:

Credit: Forever21 / forever21.com

Because everyone needs a rainbow swimsuit.

Buy it here for $22.90.

10This girly tie-front bikini:

Credit: Boohoo / boohoo.com

Such a girly and classic suit.

Buy it here for $40.00.

11This Baywatch throwback:

Credit: Swimsuits For All / swimsuitsforall.com

Sport a sexy, bold look.

Buy it here for $61.60.

12For all you cactus queens:

Credit: Nordstrom

It’s just the right amount of prickly.

Buy it here for $98.

13This bold, graphic suit:

Credit: Swimsuits For All / swimsuitsforall.com

Such an epic print and classic silhouette.

Buy it here for $98.00.

14This fruity one piece:

Credit: Forever 21 / forever21.com

Just imagine that piña colada Insta.

Buy it here for $17.90.

15This white high-neck bikini:

Credit: Swimsuits For All / swimsuitsforall.com

The girls will stay locked and loaded in this one.

Buy it here for $57.40.

16This one-piece with a message:

Credit: Forever21 / forever21.com

Such a fun and flirty option.

Buy it here for $27.90.

17This emerald green dream:

Credit: H&M

That color, though.

Buy it here for $47.98.

Now just keep swimming 😉