Oh dear, dear, dear, we do not like this at ALL.

As Styleite reports, plus-size brand “Taking Shape” set up a “Skinny Bird Watching” booth right near the hubbub of London Fashion Week. The staff made a spectacle of “spying” on skinny women with binoculars, and attempted to get #SkinnyBirdWatching to go viral. The brand also published a “field guide” to these “skinny birds,” comparing size 6 women to“rare exotic birds” who “dominate[s] the London scene.”

The stunt was met with pushback from women of all shapes and sizes, who all agree that body-shaming in any form is bad for the body positivity movement.

As Jess Thristan, the blogger behind “Dungarees and Donuts” awesomely put it:

“People are usually ‘fat shaming’ but in my opinion slating people for being a certain size is wrong. I have been both ends of the spectrum, at one point I was a size 6, constantly being accused of not eating, asked why I’m so skinny, accused of having eating disorders and then also a size 16, getting called fat, disgusting and unhealthy. I found them both equally offensive as each other, in my eyes it’s YOUR body and you should be whatever size you wish to be. I understand some weights an unhealthy, but that still doesn’t deserve to be shamed.”

Meanwhile, social media users took to Twitter to express their disapproval, some of them plus-sized women using the hashtag #fatbirdwatching to show that “size-watching” is a problematic concept.

Taking Shape did end up issuing an apology:

“Hi ladies – we are very sorry that many of you felt our stunt today at #LFW had a negative message, we apologise to anyone who was offended and are keen to state that our aim was never to body shame anyone. We believe that all women are beautiful and that all sizes and shapes should be represented in fashion.”

Lesson learned, Fashion Industry, no can come from body-shaming, so let’s please just cease the practice NOW.

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