Marie Lodi
Updated Apr 08, 2015 @ 1:51 pm

Welcome to Pizza Power, a new section here at Hello Giggles, that celebrates our intense love for all things pizza. From pizza scarves to pepperoni earrings, we’ll be featuring every kind of ‘za-themed accoutrement. Because if you really want to show your love for pizza, you don’t just eat it — you wear it loud and proud.

We love pizza more than any other food/snack/human in this world. Okay, maybe that’s going a tad too far, but we want to make it clear — our declaration of feelings for this cheesy piece of goodness is the TRUEST of the true. Maybe you’re thinking, perhaps it’s time to make a grand gesture and PUT A RING ON IT! Well, now you can really show your dedication with a ring that states the name of your one true love: pizza.

Groundscore NYC makes a bunch of cools rings bearing all sorts of things we’d marry if we could: tacos, coffee, Prince. Choose your ring to be handmade in either white or yellow brass. Now, if only there was one that said “Ranch Dressing” to wear on my left hand, with the pizza ring on my right, I could display my passion for that powerful combination at all times.

If you decide to use this genius accessory as your wedding or engagement ring, please let us know. Otherwise, let’s all take the plunge and add this decorative piece to our jewelry collections. It’s the ultimate finger topping.

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