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If you’re a makeup-lover, you already know there are few products that put a “finished” touch on your look like lipstick. Of course, this means that choosing the perfect shade is no small feat. And let’s be real: Once we start talking about texture, finish, and “extras” like lip-liner and lip gloss, we know we’re in for a real discussion. Before we start talking about the wonders of a good lip-liner, let’s figure out what the most-pinned lipstick on Pinterest is. After all, it’s basically the ideal place to find out what other makeup lovers are into.

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With a whopping 96,000 pins (approximately), the most popular lipstick on Pinterest comes out leaps and bounds ahead of other lipsticks. The winner is, of course, none other than MAC’s “Watch Me Simmer.” “Watch Me Simmer” is a gorgeous pink that is just begging to be worn on a fun night out as the summer comes to a close.

“Watch Me Simmer” is a creamy, highly-pigmented lipstick is a rich pink-coral. Because this lipstick isn’t brand new — it originally appeared in 2012, then was released again in 2015 — it can be a little challenging to find, though not impossible. It’s definitely worth asking wherever you typically make your MAC purchases, because this lipstick is sure to seal the deal on your perfect summer evening out!

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