Jill Layton
August 14, 2016 10:06 am
suigenerisjewels / www.instagram.com

We all have a birthstone, because hey, we were all born. Some people might feel more of a connection to their birthstone, however, depending on the type of stones they’re into.

Because, let’s be honest, some people just got luckier in the birthstone department.

Like those who were born in August. AKA those fortunate to be #blessed with the ridiculously gorgeous olive-green peridot as a birthstone.

Peridot is a gem of a gem.

And no, we won’t apologize for that gem of a pun.

So, to celebrate August birthdays and the peridot birthstone, we’ve gathered some stunning peridot jewelry — just because we like looking at it.

Also, if you still need a birthday gift idea for your August-born friend, lover, or family member…you’re welcome.

Check out some of our faves:

Now, this is a good way to celebrate August.

Everything about these necklaces.

Can’t stop looking at these rings.

Or these rings.

We’ll take one of each.

Sorry, other birthstones. We’re wearing peridot year-round, starting now.

A peridot chain? Yes, please.