Bianca Xunise
Updated May 01, 2015 8:05 am

I’m in love with the perfume counter. Whenever I am in a department store I make a bee line to all the glistening bottles of pastel-hued potions and concoctions. However, I don’t necessarily have the budget to drop half my paycheck on the Chanel Number 5—so I sneak a spray. If I know I’m meeting up with my friends, I’ll walk through Sephora on my way and sneak a spray. Or maybe it’s date night, I’m off to another make-up section sneaking another spritz. When sneaking sprays of florals and musk, you must be quick, unless you want to awkwardly tell the lovely shop clerk that you have no intentions of buying the perfume you try on nearly everyday after work. I’m just here for a sample, see you same time tomorrow!