Marie Lodi
February 23, 2015 12:19 pm

Last night on the Oscar’s red carpet, nestled amid the navy suits and gorgeous gowns, were a few tiny accessories sending an important message about gender equality. Those accessories were cufflinks, special #HeForShe cufflinks to be exact, designed in support of Emma Watson’s gender equality United Nations campaign (you remember, the one she made that absolutely chills-up-your-spine incredible speech about).

Designed by Monique Pean, the cufflinks feature HeForShe’s logo, which is a combination of the female and male gender symbols converging in the middle. The message being that men are as important as women when it comes to advancing gender equality. A few of the night’s most dapper dudes wore a pair to support the cause and to wear (on their sleeves) just how much they believe in gender equality.

Steve Carell wore the cufflinks, as did Jake McDorman of American Sniper (and Greek, mind you). Jake even tweeted an image of his cufflink accessories before the ceremony began.

Both men were thanked by Emma for their support in a graciously old-school way: via thank you notes.

Here’s what she said to Steve:

As for Jake, she put this message into the social media world:

On a night when celebs are scrutinized for their wardrobe choices, it’s refreshing to remember that fashion can also be used to send a message — and a message that carries particular weight on a night and in an industry both known for being at least somewhat sexist

So rock on Emma, rock on Jake, rock on Steve. Let’s not make these fab links a one-time wear.

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