Madison Vanderberg
July 27, 2017 11:14 am

You should wear your heart on your sleeve. Or rather, wear your ethos on your skirt. Yeah, we like this better.

Olivia Wilde’s “feminist” skirt is a) cute and b) political, and we are loving it. Actress Olivia Wilde is always vocal about the importance of being a feminist, including her desire to raise her son as a little bb feminist. 

Now, she’s merging fashion with her personal politics with this sheer “feminist” skirt.

This Alice + Olivia skirt from the brand’s resort 2018 collection features the word emblazoned in white sequins and will be available to the rest of us in November.

Wilde wore the skirt during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Because this is Wilde we’re talking about, we think this is less about fashion and more about education. During a HuffPost Live interview in 2015, Wilde admitted she struggled with how many people don’t understand feminism.

“I think people have a hard time understanding exactly what it means,” she said. “If people understand it simply means equality, then possibly they would have an easier time standing up for that.”

Graphically “feminist” fashion has been a staple for the last year or so. And those “The Future Is Female” and “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirts have been popular for good reason. How awesome that you can share your ethos just by wearing clothes and walking down the street, right?

Alice + Olivia has a few pieces that echo this female-forward mantra.

And, of course, the Dior graphic tee really launched the wave of knock-off shirts found at any Etsy shop near you.

The future is female.