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This election season has gotten pretty crazy. And more than we’re used to, we see celebrities joining into the election discussion. We’re especially excited to see so many fabulous ladies making their voices heard. Olivia Wilde definitely supports Hillary Clinton for president, and she has been very vocal about her feelings. Olivia just became a mom to a daughter, and that’s one of her major reasons for supporting a candidate who puts women’s issues at the forefront. One of the ways fabulous ladies like Olivia express their support is with their fashion, and we love that.

Olivia Wilde debuted her DIY and self-named “Voting Jacket” yesterday, and we totally dig it.

Olivia accessorized this fab jean jacket with a Hillary Clinton pin, which we love. Even better that it’s a fun picture of Hillary smiling.

Olivia was hanging out with her friend Molly Howard at a Harper’s Bazaar event celebrating daring women.

Olivia’s jacket has her daughter Daisy’s name on the back. And we love the Wonder Woman symbols that they added, because all of us can be Wonder Women.

Now that Olivia’s given us the idea, we want to make our own Voting Jacket.

All you need is a simple denim jacket, like this one from H&M.

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Find it for only $39.99 at H&M here.

Add a Hillary pin. We love this collection of buttons from Etsy.

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Any of these will look great on your voting jacket. Find them on Etsy for only $5.00 (for the whole set) here.

Then all you need is your logo to show of your Wonder Woman side. Like this sparkly option from Etsy.

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Pick this fabulous red and gold applique from Etsy for $6.00-$10.00, depending on size.

Now put on your jacket, get out there and VOTE on November 8th!