OITNB Dascha Polanco

It’s no secret that we’re mega-fans of the Orange is the New Black cast, and while we can’t really appreciate their individual styles on the show (for what are hopefully obvious reasons), these women know how to take names on the red carpet. In particular, Dascha Polanco — who plays the permanently exasperated new mom Dayanara Diaz — is fond of “bolder is better” with her hair and fashion. So it’s with surprise that we learned that the actress, who also has a big part in Jennifer Lawrence’s new film Joy, has struggled to get red carpet dresses in the past. Say what?

In an interview with Rolling Out TV, Polanco explained that even though she’s been on the rising star tract for quite some time, by virtue of her size, she’s had issues in the past getting designers to dress her:

Look, anyone who lands a spot on a critically-acclaimed show and then appears in a JLaw film is definitely part of the red carpet fashion circle, so Polanco was right to be peeved at the lack of options coming her way, especially for reasoning as flawed as “We don’t have options large enough for you.” But now that she’s leveling up in her roles, she’s got something to say to those who’ve snubbed her in the past:

Drop the mic, lady. We love seeing women of all sizes and body shapes rocking the red carpet, and we double love that they’re demanding equal treatment from the publicity machine that feeds images to the rest of the world. Of course, there’s also another option: Take over the fashion world with your own line.

Image via Shutterstock.