Tracy Reese’s NYFW show was a love letter to body positivity and real girls


Tracy Reese is a New York Fashion Week pioneer. Today we attended her Spring 2017 presentation, and we were completely blown away by what we saw.

Reese cast a diverse group of models in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages to showcase her spring collection. There was a big emphasis on realness: real girls, real sizes, natural hair, and natural beauty.

Picture of Tracy Reese NYFW Ladder

The designer is also expanding her sizing; some of the pieces in the collection will be offered in sizes 0 to 18 and XS to 2XL. What’s more is she has plans to keep expanding that range in future seasons. All together now: YASS!

Picture of Tracy Reese NYFW

“It’s always been my mission to make every woman feel beautiful,” Reese wrote in her NFYW show’s program. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing amazing women in our clothes and knowing that we can be a part of their daily lives.”

Picture of Tracy Reese NYFW Chaise

And then, there was the show’s setup itself. Reese did away with the traditional runway, instead opting for a more laid back but still effortlessly chic garden party.

Picture of Tracy Reese NYFW Trio

Reese’s interactive show featured models stationed throughout the crowd, posing, smiling, and even chatting with guests (one model told me that she liked my phone case, so basically I can die happy now).

Picture of Tracy Reese NYFW B&W

Some were musicians, providing musical accompaniment to the event. Others were dancers and painters, demonstrating their crafts for the crowd. It was a genius way to show off the collection, and it allowed us to really appreciate the looks up close.

Reese’s motto is Beauty and strength in the feminine spirit. She firmly believes that no woman should feel excluded from feeling her best, and it’s an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Tracy, for a beautiful show inside and out!

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