Elizabeth Entenman
September 09, 2016 11:46 am
C Flanigan / Getty

New York Fashion Week is where trends are born. It’s only just begun, but there’s already one major trend that you’re going to start seeing everywhere: clear heels. And the look is being pioneered by the Kardashians.

Last week Kim Kardashian West stepped out wearing clear heels that got everyone’s heads turning. She’s definitely feeling inspired by these Yeezy Season 2 lucite heels.

Josiah Kamau / Getty Images

She wore them again this week, this time paired with a shimmery silver dress.

Josiah Kamau / Getty Images

And then, Kim took the trend to the next level with thigh-high clear plastic boots. Because the only person who can outdo Kim Kardashian West is Kim Kardashian West.

Raymond Hall / Getty Images

Well, there might be one person—her sister Kylie, who also appears to have adopted the clear heels trend.

SBN/Star Max / Getty Images

We have a feeling you’re about to see these shoes everywhere. If you want to get a jumpstart on the trend, here are some of our favorite styles we found online!

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