Carly Lane
March 28, 2015 6:00 am

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had this problem – you’re in the middle of watching one of your favorite TV shows when something happens to catch your eye. In a second, you’ve gone from pure enjoyment to absolute need – as in, “I need to have that gorgeous sweater Olivia Pope is wearing on Scandal” or “I wonder where Aria’s earrings came from on that scene in Pretty Little Liars?”.  If you’ve been in that situation and searched for all your fashion wants in vain, you’re in luck. Thanks to the magical team behind a website called Spylight, the hunt is over.

The site does the searching for you, finding exact matches (or very close ones) to the outfits your favorite characters from TV and film are wearing. In addition to their website, which features hundreds of looks to rifle through and drool over, they also launched their very own app last month, which you can download for your very own via the Apple Store.

The app uses audio sync technology while you’re in the middle of watching your show to display the exact outfits being worn in that scene. Because Spylight actually partners directly with studios to get all the fashion info right from the shows themselves, they’ve got all the info readily available before the episode even airs live. However, not everyone can afford the luxurious wardrobe of Empire‘s Cookie Lyon, so the Spylight app offers alternatives that won’t make your wallet cry.

It’s definitely an exciting way for fans to interact with the show in a way they weren’t necessarily able to before, according to Spylight COO Aly Moore. “I think from the beginning, the studios and networks recognized that we provide a new kind of engagement and monetization platform, and that only truly obsessed fashion geeks, like us, could really nail the job,” she said in an interview.

The Spylight crew is so on top of things that the app is constantly being updated, which means you can check on the outfits from last night’s show as early as the following morning.

It’s the ultimate TV recap for those of us distracted by all the awesome outfits on our fave shows. Television issue solved!

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