Prom means many different things to many people. For some, it’s an excuse to get that one dress you’ve been eyeing at the department store. For others, it’s an excuse to get creative and wear something more “unconventional” to the school dance. And for 18-year-old Charlie Peña, prom was the perfect excuse to show off their Mexican heritage, and wear a dress they found at the swap meet.

Charlie — a Mexican-American who identifies as non-binary — tweeted their prom look, captioning the photo with “fat bi non binary chicanx goes to prom 2k17.”


The internet pretty much lost it in the best way.

And while many may not understand the joy that is the swap meet, Peña certainly does. They told mitú,

That’s the sort of commitment we appreciate! And the fact they were fearless enough to wear this dress just proves how empowering fashion can be. false

One of the coolest parts about this escapade was the fact that Twitter was so on board for this declaration.

Users near and far shouted their support for Charlie.

Charlie looks dazzling and we just hope they had fun at their prom!