Gina Vaynshteyn
February 20, 2015 6:00 am

Romanian fashion designer Cristina Cernei has purposely decided to use non-professional models (aka, regular women) to represent her fashion line Fusion by Cernei. Also? She doesn’t believe in Photoshop. While this isn’t the first time a designer or brand has gone the natural route (Modcloth, for instance, has pledged to be Photoshop-free in their ad campaigns), it’s still incredibly admirable and inspiring for a designer to go against the grain like this.

Cernei told Bored Panda, “The Cernei clothes are about real women, real emotions, fun, career, family, a full rich life. The classic photo shoots are too sterile for what I am creating. Cernei exists for the women everywhere and it is better expressed through them.”

While being a model doesn’t equate to being a “non-real woman,” I think what she is truly trying to convey is that she wants her customer base to see themselves in her photo shoots and in her clothes. And since women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, it makes sense that Cernei is using women of all shapes and sizes to model the clothing line.

Also, Cernai values “natural beauty” over Photoshop, which we all know digitally alters faces and bodies and skin tone (among many other things), and creates the impossibly perfect image of a person we can’t possibly compete with.

We think this is super awesome idea, one that other designers and brands should totally get behind. Take a look at some photos from her shoot:

All images via Bored Panda