Stephanie Hallett
Updated Jan 11, 2017 @ 2:24 pm
Credit: David Uzochukwu/Nike

If you didn’t see this creative collaboration coming, we don’t blame you. FKA Twigs has partnered with Nike for the brand’s latest ad campaign and as it turns out, the pairing was a stroke of true genius.

An insanely talented dancer, musician, and artist, Twigs brought her signature bohemian aesthetic to the campaign, along with her athletic and musical abilities. Spotlighting NikeWomen’s new Zonal Strength Training Tights, the ad, titled “do you believe in more?”, features athletes of all stripes, including dancer Madelyne Spang, karate world champion Jay Kirton, and fencer Miles Chamley-Watson.

Twigs “conceptualized, directed, performed [in], and soundtracked” the campaign, according to Nike, and cast young artists and athletes who inspired her and reflected her artistic goal — “to let young people know they have the power to become the best versions of themselves,” she says. The photographer she chose, David Uzochukwu, is just 17 years old (!) and joined the cast and crew in Mexico to take still shots during filming.

Credit: David Uzochukwu/Nike

Unsurprisingly, the new NikeWomen collection is highly covetable — replete with perfectly fitted tights, shorts, bras, sneakers, and crop tops — and it’s available online now. Say goodbye to your paycheck!