Elena Sheppard
February 23, 2015 1:02 pm

We’ve been wearing Nike Cortez sneaks for basically our whole lives: the white and black version, the blue and white version, the red and white, the polka dotted. But back when the shoe first debuted in 1972 they were tri-colored and ridiculously awesome. Now, 43 years later, that original colorway is getting a relaunch and we’re pumped.

Remember those rad running shoes Forrest Gump got as a gift? Yeah, those are the kicks making a comeback. Look how in awe Robin Wright is. We feel exactly the same way.

The shoes, aside from looking the illest, were marketed as the first “modern” running shoe and were a brainchild of Nike co-founder (and track and field coach) Bill Bowerman. Bowerman was pretty confident that the foam in the heel would provide good running motion that would make runners faster. While that hypothesis wasn’t quite right, the style totally was.

Look at those gems, look at that color combo. It’s somehow patriotic, and sporty, and chic all at once. This is a classic shoe in the biggest of ways: that retro swoosh, that nearly blindingly white leather.

The relaunch will happen Saturday Feb. 28 at 10 a.m. (EST) and the shoes will be going for $100. Scroll back up to that Forrest Gump picture and imagine it’s you opening up a fresh box of Nikes and not him. Butterflies in your stomach? Yeah, thought so.

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