Stephanie Hallett
Updated Mar 24, 2017 @ 1:27 pm

Dear sneakerheads: Feeling like something’s been ~missing~ from your home lately? Is there an inexplicable absence on your mantel or bedside table? Deep down, do you know that a Nike Air Max candle would remedy that absence? Yeah. We thought so.

Lucky for you, handmade candle and soap company What the Shape has produced a candle replica of the ’95 Nike Air Max ahead of Nike Air Max Day on March 26th, and suffice to say that it is fresh with a capital PH.

Available online now for $10 — with worldwide shipping! — decking out your home with sneakers has suddenly become much more affordable (and, frankly, socially acceptable). You can place your order by DMing the company on Instagram.

Nike Air Max Day was first celebrated in 2014, marking the release of the first ever Air Max 1 sneaker on March 26th, 1987. Nike declared the day a holiday, and sneakerheads went along with it. Three years later, we’ve got Air Max candles — so obviously the holiday was a success.