Natalia Lusinski
March 25, 2017 6:52 am
Samir Hussein / WireImage

Nicole Kidman’s always impressing us, from her acting roles to her happy-as-can-be marriage to Keith Urban. And, it goes without saying, she also woos us with her fashion choices. Below, Nicole Kidman’s feathery wiggle dress looks perfect for a witch’s tea party — good witches, of course. The Hollywood Reporter’s pointed out Kidman’s dress choices before — we all remember the one she wore to the SAG Awards in January, right? The stunning sequined green one with parrot embellishments on each shoulder?! Exactly! And then there was the shimmery silver gown Kidman wore to the Golden Globes.

But let’s take a look at Kidman’s latest fashion, her feathery midnight black dress by Marchesa. She wore it to the Swisse Wellness “Power Your Passion” Event on March 25th in Melbourne, Australia.

Nicole Cleary / Getty Images

Gorgeous, right?! Here’s a closer look at Kidman’s dress, too. Check out the feathers. So fun! Like wearing a boa, but not!

Nicole Cleary / Getty Images

ICYMI, Kidman is a global ambassador for Swisse. Actually, she was their first ever global ambassador, the wellness brand states on their website.

In case you’re wondering, the company focuses on helping people live happier and healthier lives, and they sell everything from vitamins and supplements to skincare and superfoods. Kidman’s also been in a series of TV commercials for Swisse since 2013. In fact, you can watch one right here, right now.

Okay, so aside from just #FashionGoals, now we have #GetHealthy goals, too. Thank you, Nicole Kidman, for the inspo!