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There are some decades we don’t care to revisit. Perhaps we were in middle school, and the awkward years of hormonal angst were too much for us, preventing us from enjoying the fashion statements of the time. For many, grommet belts bring back the heyday of the goth/scene/emo phase that we went through. The grommet belt is just one of those fashion statements that we never expected to see on the red carpet — or on Nicole Kidman, for that matter. But as they say, never say never!

Because Nicole Kidman just wore a grommet belt on the red carpet at Cannes and we are both stunned and thrilled.

Credit: Anthony Harvey/ Getty

Nicole’s nude Alexander McQueen gown features the perfect mix of sheer and lace detailing with corset accents. The criss-cross neckline is an added bonus that helps vamp up the glam, leaving Nicole looking like the queen of a vampire coven.

But what we’re really here for is this belt. It’s an updated version of those we saw in the early aughts, and somehow the actress makes it look avant-garde. Paired with a her shoulder-length blonde hair and pink stained lips, this look is sweet with a twist.

Credit: Bancroft Media/ Getty

Nicole paired the tea-length dress with a pair of Mary Jane stilettos, matching them to her black belt. We love this high-low mix! Matching your shoes to your belt is old school, but this is the modern way to make it work!

If you’re inspired to whip out your grommet belt, here are a few of our favorites to rock.

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Like Nicole Kidman, we hope we can make it work.