Jill Layton
June 18, 2014 12:05 pm

Having a job that allows me to wear comfortable clothes is the best decision I’ve ever made. I can wear yoga pants, pajama pants or no pants to work (I work from home). If I’m forced to put on jeans to go somewhere, as soon as I walk back in my front door, the pants come off. I like comfort. And comfort likes me.

So, like any comfort-seeking gal, I was intrigued by the news of the launch of Silver Jeans Co.’s Joga Jeans. According to their website, Joga Jeans consist of “a radical new fabric that fuses the look and durability of the iconic 5-pocket jean with the comfort and mobility of sweatpants.” They are made with “a unique double-faced stretch weave; the top is woven like traditional denim and the underneath is a plush knit.” So, do we call them jeans or sweatpants? Sweans? This is confusing. They are also releasing a men’s line of Joga Jeans that use a “revolutionary fabric technology that has unparalleled recovery allowing the jean to stretch and move with your body without bagging out.” They sound like magic, AKA yoga pants. The jeansweatpants retail between $78 and $88. If you’re interested, you can pre-order here.

Okay. They had me at “sweatpants”, but lost me at “5-pocket jean”. I understand why someone would want to wear comfortable jeans in public, but why not just wear comfortable jeans? Why do we need to buy a whole other pair of pants that feel like sweatpants when we can just wear sweatpants? And why would anyone want to wear jeans to yoga class? Yoga is about being limber and loose. Jeans do not allow for limber and loose. They allow for stiff and not loose. And could you imagine a yoga class full of people wearing jeans? My legs are uncomfortable just thinking about it.

It seems like companies continue to create the “jegging” type of pants, because regular workout pants cause the “those aren’t real pants… I can’t believe you’re wearing them in public” reaction. If they cover our legs and our lady parts, they’re real pants. There’s a widespread panic over wearing yoga pants in public, but can we all just make a group decision to STOP PANICKING? Let’s all wear what we want to wear. My wardrobe shouldn’t affect anyone but me. If I want to be comfortable, I’m not going to wear jeans, no matter what they’re made of. And if I ever decide to go to yoga class, I’m going to wear yoga pants. With a Y.

Featured image via Racked and Women’s Health Magazine