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Bella Hadid is officially going to be part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, following in big sister Gigi Hadid’s footsteps. Even though Bella was super nervous during her Victoria’s Secret audition, VS staffer Jen Waldman announced on Instagram this week that Bella has “made the fashion show cut.”

Walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a huge accomplishment for any runway model, and Bella certainly feels the excitement. In a post-audition interview, however, Bella admitted that she had absolutely no idea how it went, and was basically a ball of nerves during the entire thing.

As it turns out, they were very happy with her audition… because she landed the job! VS released video footage of the runway walk that earned Bella a spot on the catwalk wearing the famous VS wings.

Bella’s makeup artist Vincent Oquendo also shared a photo of her on Instagram yesterday congratulating the model on her huge achievement.

Yesterday, Gigi confirmed via Instagram that she will also be walking in the show for the second time.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air December 5th at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, so get ready to see the belles (and Bellas) of the ball in action!