Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 10, 2016 @ 9:39 am
Credit: Lucasfilm, ThinkGeek

Do you dream of not just finding a partner who will say, “I love you,” but also, “I know”? It’s one of the most iconic declarations of love in the whole universe, from our galaxy to that one far, far away.

Credit: Lucasfilm/Giphy

If this is something you think about every day of your life, we’ve got something you need to add to your wish-list right now. ThinkGeek has just released a perfect, “I love you/I know” shirt, so you can wear your love of Star Wars literally on your sleeve. Or, in this case, on your collar.

Coming to us from HerUniverse, and released exclusively through ThinkGeek, this Peter Pan collared shirt is absolutely *perfect* and also so subtle. You could wear this out on the two for a big night, or simply to work. It’s guaranteed to get everyone pointing at you and saying, “I love your shirt!”

Credit: ThinkGeek

And you can totally respond back, “I know.”

Described as the “perfect celebration of love and snark” and “perfect for the rebellious princess,” the shirt comes in sizes from S to 3X, we don’t just need one of them, we need like, six.

You can snag the shirt for yourself right here, and looking this good will only set you back $34.99! So what are you waiting for?? You’ve got some nerf herder fashion to rock.

Credit: Lucasfilm/Giphy