Gabriela Herstik
February 27, 2017 4:25 pm

Polka dots are a playful and classic wardrobe staple, and thanks to Oscar winner Emma Stone, now we need a polka dot blazer. With her classic charm and impeccable style, the Best Actress could have just as easily taken home the title of “style icon” with yesterday’s look. After both Emma and La La Land won big at the 89th Academy Awards, the actress won our hearts with her sweet and simple blazer that she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The actress wore a champagne colored slip and black strappy sandals to compliment her polka dot blazer, which she adorned with a blue ACLU ribbon. And with her hair slicked back, plenty of black eyeliner and the perfect strawberry kissed lips, Emma looks effortless and ready for anything.


By pairing a thigh skimming blazer with a slip, Emma is ready for wherever the night takes her. The polka dots add more dimension to the look, keeping the otherwise sultry slip a little bit more grounded. We also can’t help but imagine what other outfits Emma can pair this blazer with, maybe some leather pants or perhaps a romper?

 Either way, here are a couple ways to get this look for less.


Blazer, $45, Missguided


Blazer, $36, SheIn

Now go live your  best polka dot life!