Gabi Conti
July 11, 2014 1:44 pm

A wise man once said, “Nails are the portal to the soul.” Or was it the eyes? Whatever it was, with the growing trend in nail art, you can really tell a lot about a person based on their claws. So much thought goes into your nails. Picking out the perfect color. Reading the puns on the bottom of the bottle, and deciding if you’re in more of a Pinking of You or Turquoise and Caicos mood today.

Now there’s one more factor to consider when you’re getting your nails done. According to a recent Japanese trend, answering the classic manicure question, “square or round?” reveals a lot about your personality.

For example, if you’re nails are long, you’re a mild tempered romantic. Round or egg-shaped nails, means you’re laid back. Square? You’re serious and hard headed. So basically when your manicurist asks you if you want square or round, they’re basically asking if you’re laid back or serious.

Here at Hello Giggles, we’re all about the nail art. So using a similar strategy as the “nail shape” trend, here is what we think your manicure says about you. (PS: This is 100 % just for fun and absolutely no research went into it, so if we got it wrong, don’t sweat.)

Triangle Designs

Three is your lucky number. You’re, “acutie.” While at first you may seem rigid and rough around the edges, once someone gets to know you, they see you’re balanced and fair. You’re also great with embracing change. Here’s a how-to own this trend.


It’s either your actual birthday, or you live life like everyday is your birthday. Born to be the center of attention, your nails (like you) always seems to be screaming, “Look at me!”


Your personality is like a mood ring, there are about 50 shades of you. And that’s why you’re so interesting, you’re friends never know what to expect! Try it out.

Animal Print

You love to take a walk on the wild side, or you’re a Kardashian.

Accent Nails

You appear subdued at first, but once people get to know you, they discover something surprising about you, like you speak fluent Spanish. If your accent nail is your ring finger and you’re single, then your manicure is a road map to where exactly he can put a ring on it.

Theme Nails

Every nail is different but they all share the same theme, like Disney Princesses! You love categories but you have a hard time making up your mind. A jack-of-all-trades, if you will. And you’re a child at heart.

Pointed Nails

You’re either Lana Del Rey or extremely high maintenance, as it’s pretty much impossible to be active with these.

Nails That Are Basically Works of Art

A Monet manicure or a Picasso pedicure. Your nails are beautiful but almost like mini canvases. You’re very creative and see life as art.

Comic Book Nails

Someone is ready for Comic Con! Like comics everything is larger than life. You see everyday as an adventure.

3-D Nails

You’re all about accessories. Also, you’re one of the few people that actually enjoy 3-D movies.

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