Credit: Nasty Gal

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you’ve probably gone the DIY route, the sexy route (we’ve all been there!), the lazy route, and the anti-costume route at some point in your life. Right? We get it. You’ve got to dress up for this thing every. single. year. And we know that requires a lot of creativity.

Well, if you’re looking for a costume that’s equal parts gorgeous and simple, you may like what we’re about to suggest: mystical, mysterious, masquerade masks.

We’re not talking DIY dog-face filters or scary AF horror movie masks, these elegant disguises are more Great Gatsby than The Shining — and they’re ideal for anyone who has no time to shower, let alone craft an award-winning costume.

1. Nasty Gal “Archrival Cutout Mask”

Credit: Nasty Gal

Get it here for $28.

2. Tom Banwell “Swirly Leather Mask”

Credit: Etsy

Get it here for $39.

3. Glamorous Gala “Exotic Black Phoenix Metal Filigree Mask”

Credit: Etsy

Get it here for $32.

4. Bijoux Indiscrets “Kristine Eye Mask”

Credit: Nasty Gal

Get it here for $15.

5. Tom Banwell “Hearts Mask”

Credit: Etsy

Get it here for $39.

6. CCLstore “Temporary Tattoo Venetian Lace Mask”

Credit: Etsy

Get it here for $5.99

7. Tom Banwell “Flame Mask”

Credit: Etsy

Get it here for $42.

8. Sassy Rhine “Black Lace Bunny Ears”

Credit: Etsy

Get it here for $18.

9. Higgins Creek “Gold Lace Mask”

Credit: Etsy

Get it here, starting at $12.50.

10. Dolls Kill “Monarch Masquerade Mask”

Credit: Dolls Kill

Get it here for $16.

Now all you need is an inventive story to go along with your mask and you’re set for All Hallow’s Eve.