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Turkey Day is just around the corner, so you know what that means, it’s time for comfy pants and eating — lots of eating!

In fact, in honor of the beginning of lounge season — yes we just dubbed the timeframe between Thanksgiving and Christmas as “lounge season” — we’ve found the most coveted sweat pants on Pinterest that you need to buy ASAP.

Seriously, what would you rather be wearing post Thanksgiving dinner while you’re watching all four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, tight jeans or baggy sweats? The answer is obviously sweats, duh!

So which sweatpants are the hottest on Pinterest right now, you may be asking? Well, there are two different brands that are super pin-worthy, which basically means we all want them and none of us have yet to pull the trigger and buy them, but that stops today, because we are definitely adding them to our online shopping cart right now.

Credit: Nike

The only thing written on them is the Nike logo and the swoosh. They are definitely comfy AF as well, and by that we mean Comfy As Fall!

You can buy these snuggly pants on either or on for about $50.

If you like your sweats with a more high-fashion flare to them, we’ve got you covered with the Lux Sweatpants from Sincerely Jules.

These sassy athleisure pants are $95 on ShopBop and come in both the light grey color and black.

Which sweatpants are you going to rock this holiday season? We vote for all of the above!