Stephanie Hallett
Updated Jul 28, 2017 @ 2:28 pm
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business attire trends
Credit: ASOS

Summer is winding down, and whether you’re preparing for your last big vacation before the fall or starting a brand new job after your summer internship, you’re probably thinking about adding a few new pieces to your workwear wardrobe for next season. Luckily, the brains at Pinterest analyzed the business attire trends that are piquing the interest of pinners everywhere, and pulled together this list that might help you make some shopping decisions.

Whether it’s a new sweater to keep on your chair at work (why are office buildings always so GD cold?!) or the perfect pair of comfy-chic slacks to wear all season long, the trends below are flexible enough to be adapted for any work environment — and to suit your personal style.

1Millennial pink everything

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You could invest in a Millennial pink cashmere sweater or just add a pair of low-key flats in this color to your work wardrobe. Or, maybe you want to go full Millennial and rock a pink pantsuit to the office — yasss, queen! Whatever you do, adding a hint of this sweet shade to your wardrobe will bring a smile to your face when you get dressed in the morning. It’s up 100% in popularity since 2016.

2Striped shirts

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A wardrobe classic and rising trend for fall 2017: striped shirts of all kinds — e.g. tees or button-downs — can be dressed up or down at work, and are easy to find at any price point. Striped shirts are up 29% in popularity since this time last year.

3Paper-bag waist pants

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A surprisingly flattering style, you’ve definitely seen these pants on Instagram if you follow any ~fashion girls~. We love them because they’re super cute, easy to pair with a crop top, and forgiving post-lunch (so you can eat cookies and still be comfy all afternoon). These are up a massive 628% in popularity this year.

4Bold, floral-patterned skirts and jackets

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For a more casual look, try a gorgeous floral bomber jacket or skirt for fall. Pinners are going nuts for skirts and jackets covered in big, bold prints, and we’re so on board with this look. It’s up 49% since 2016.