Karen Fratti
Updated February 27, 2017 2:22 pm

If you’re feeling like the end of the world is nigh, you’re not alone. Even fashion designers have are feeling a little impending doom, if the post-apocalyptic themes at Milan’s Fashion Week are any indication of peoples’ moods these days. Some were a little more lighthearted than others, like Moschino’s garbage-themed runway show for Milan Fashion Week on Thursday.

During the show, models including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Stella Maxwell walked the runway with hats made from repurposed trash can lids and handbags adorned with toilet paper rolls.

There were jackets made of shower curtains and a gown made entirely of dry cleaning plastic.

One look was literally just a bunch of “trash” made into a dress— plastic bags, crumpled up boxes, and bubble wrap comprised the dress. The model walked with a tissue box perched on her head and black leather booties. Other hat highlights included a bike rim as evening wear and a candelabra. It was all just one great joke for designer Jeremy Scott, who called the collection “cardboard couture” and built the whole thing around the idea of a wealthy fashionista suddenly gone broke and making do. It sounds like a Project Runway challenge, but it looked way better

Not exactly ready to wear.

Guests were invited to the show with mouse-traps. (I dare you to steal this idea for a wedding.) According to Women’s Wear Daily, guests received an email the morning of the show reminding that them that they didn’t have to bring the whole trap with them and could enter with just the square of gold swiss cheese that came stuck in the trap.

Say cheese.

There were also pieces that played on the up-cycled theme without actually being made out of a crumpled box of spaghetti. Jackets and dresses were made of old Moschino editorials and advertisements or made to look like cardboard boxes with “fragile” and “handle with care” stamped on them.

Sister goals.

Scott was inspired to get trashy when he learned that “25 million tons of cardboard is discarded each year,” according to one Moschino Instagram caption. He ended the show by taking a bow in a t-shirt that read, “COUTURE IS AN ATTITUDE.” The back of the shirt read, “it’s not a price point.”

When you can make jackets look that great with just some packing tape, Scott sort of has a point.