Zara H
Updated September 08, 2016 1:47 pm
Courtesy of Modcloth

There’s nothing we love more than women supporting women — that’s why we were SO excited when we saw that ModCloth’s newest installment of their amazing video series, Hot Tub Round Table, is officially ready for viewing.

Here are some deets: Just like last time, ModCloth’s resident #girlboss, Susan Gregg Koger, sits down (in a hot tub, natch) with influential women who do their part to empower other ladies. They have a roundtable-style discussion about ways we can all inspire and support other women out there…and it’s wonderful.

Courtesy of Modcloth

This video features Christen Brandt, founder and chief programs officer of She’s The First, and Niki Srinivasa, the Thousand Oaks chapter leader of I Am That Girl. Both women are ambitious, kind, and inclusive — a few traits that make them excellent participants for this roundtable.

“They really are perfect aren’t they? Niki is only 17 (!) but she’s incredibly well-spoken and poised. Her journey to self-acceptance is one that resonated strongly with me personally, and it gave me an even greater appreciation for I Am That Girl and how they foster self confidence and authenticity in young women. Christen has her own story of being raised by a young, single mom and working hard to win two scholarships and pay her own way through college. Now, with She’s The First, she helps other young women find scholarships and paths to education and develop fundamental life skills to succeed. Both girls have taken their personal struggles and channeled the energy it took to be successful into helping others. They know that the best thing you can do is pay it forward,” Koger said of choosing the two ladies to star in the video.

Courtesy of Modcloth

OK, so we totally understand why she chose Niki and Christen for the video…but why did she opt to chill in the hot tub during the discussion?

“We wanted it to feel relaxed and real, as opposed to scripted,” Koger told HelloGiggles of this decision. “We started brainstorming different places where we have these honest conversations with our girlfriends, and a hot tub immediately came up. There’s something about “Hot Tub Rules” that spark honesty and transparency. In a hot tub you have permission to “speak the unspoken,” which was what we wanted for this series. Plus, it’s more fun!”

We can’t argue with that!

The fashion industry isn’t always the first one we think of when we’re looking for super inclusive groups that emphasize service and kindness, but Modcloth has always been something of an outlier in the industry.

Courtesy of Modcloth

“Our brand purpose is to help every women feel like the best version of herself. We view absolutely everything we do at ModCloth through that lens,” Koger explained. “When I’m designing clothes, I picture the woman who will wear it and how it will make her feel. I want her to feel confident and powerful — the way a great dress or perfect top can make you feel on top of the world. Our design aesthetic is distinctly feminine and celebrates a woman’s body regardless of size.”

To that effect, Koger enlisted Srinivasa and Brandt to model some of ModCloth’s super-cute swimsuits (which come in sizes XS to 4X and look amazing on every body type!)

Courtesy of Modcloth

How good is this video? We love it, and Koger couldn’t be happier with the finished product. “I love getting to use this platform to amplify the voices of inspiring women who are capable, confident, and making an impact on the world,” she said. “If we want things to change, we have to be part of the conversation — and we have to empower others to be part of the conversation, too. My favorite part is the same every time, though, which is getting to connect with these incredible women. Whenever I get to host this feature, I have to pinch myself. It’s like, “’Is this really my job!?’”

Watch the video, below: