There are endless reasons we love Mindy Kaling. She is funny, beautiful, smart, and relatable AF on Twitter. She taught us to “work hard and know our sh*t.” But not only is she an inspiration for killer confidence, she is also a style icon. Mindy knows how to work the heck out of a red carpet.

She is a total fashion badass and wears clothes that not only make her look good, but also make her stand out. Mindy fans have even taken note of her style and created guides to wearing prints like Mindy. But now everyone is freaking out thanks to some outfit hints the star is posting to her Instagram page.

Mindy Kaling won’t stop teasing us about her Met Gala gown!

The funny lady posted an Instagram boomerang to show off her fringe-y (sequined? Possibly rhinestoned?) gown.

First of all, excellent use of the salsa dancer emoji, Mindy. Secondly, could “hashtag representing” mean she is wearing a Salvador Perez design to the Met Gala? Costume Designer Salvador Perez has long dressed Mindy as her character “Mindy Lahiri” on The Mindy Project and on the red carpet. Could she be representing her fashion #squad with him?

She also shared this clue-filled post!

WHAT COULD THIS MEAN? Who is the crush worthy designer making this sparkly and twirly fringed design? We can’t wait to find out when Mindy unveils her gorgeous dress at the Met Gala. Until then, we will just wait patiently for the next Instagram clue!