Okay, so anyone who watched the Oscars —scratch that, anyone who isn’t living under a rock— knows that Meryl Streep is a beautiful, brilliant goddess that descended on us from Planet Perfect. We’ve already determined that Meryl is queen of everything. Obviously, she’s unbelievably talented —the list of awards she has been nominated for or has received is so long that it actually takes a sizable amount of time to scroll to the bottom. But that’s not all —she’s generous, classy, kind, and just a gem of a human being with whom we all just want to be BFFs.

She also has an adorable family with her husband, Don Gummer, to whom she’s been married for 36 years. That’s pretty much five centuries in Hollywood time. So when we found out that her three daughters are posing for a new fashion campaign, we were TOTALLY PUMPED.

These mini-Meryls (OK, they have names: Grace, Louisa, and Mamie Gummer) appear in a campaign for H&M’s sister brand, & Other Stories. The campaign, shot by photographer Stephen Shore, depicts the fab ladies looking casually chic in button-downs and rolled up jeans, sporting lovely bags and shoes by designer Clare Vivier. The entire collection will be available this Thursday online!

We love the collection, but we love Meryl’s girls even more. Just like their mom, Grace, Louisa, and Mamie are powerhouses in their own right and are making monumental names for themselves. And according to ABC News, not all of them are models. In fact, only the youngest, 23-year-old Louisa, has been signed to IMG Model agency. The other two are actresses, which totally makes sense, given that their mother is so prolific in Hollywood (and life). American Horror Story and The Newsroom fans may have seen Grace, 28, while fans of The Good Wife will probably recognize Mamie, 31.

No matter what these wonderful ladies do, we know they’ll rock it. . .because they got it from their mama! I mean really, can we just talk about how much they look like Meryl here?

Typical Meryl to raise three wonderful, successful, strong ladies on top of everything else she’s done. You goddess, you.

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