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OK, did we really need another reason to adore Melissa McCarthy? The amazing actress isn’t only redefining what it means to be a glamorous movie star, now she’s all set to be our premier fashion icon, too? We’re in!

Just look at this majestic lady, waltzing into an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! looking ridiculously hot, wearing clothes she designed herself!

For her late night appearance, Melissa wore sexy moto leggings and on-point cozy, effortless cardigan, both from her own line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7. Her collection, which she calls “all size,” continues to break the traditional fashion rules for women. A combination of timeless pieces and everyday staples, the line is available in a wide variety of sizes. Macy’s, Nordstroms, Lane Bryant, and the Home Shopping Network all carry the collection, so world domination through fashion is nigh!

We particularly love the Seven7 pants, including the hard rock fashion leggings our lady Melissa is sporting in her recent photo. “I made them a little higher,” McCarthy told Entertainment Tonight . “I think it’s more comfortable. I also don’t need to see any more people bend over and get a surprise.”

Great tailoring can really make all the difference when you go for a higher waistline, and throughout the collection, it just works. The fitted, natural waist on the leggings and jeans not only looks comfortable, it avoids the dreaded “mom” look and expands the high-waist trend to all sizes. You can’t really ask for much more out of a pair of pants!

The question remaining is what field will Melissa McCarthy take over next? Young adult fiction? The presidential election? Space? When it comes to this fashion-forward Renaissance woman, the sky is hardly the limit!

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(Images via Twitter and Melissa McCarthy Seven7)