Credit: Down to Xjabelle/ Facebook

Meet Isabella Springmühl, a Guatemalan goddess with Down Syndrome taking the fashion world by storm. Since the young fashionista started designing clothes for her dolls at 6 years old, Isabella wanted to be a fashion designer. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Isabella applied to study fashion design in her native Guatemala but was rejected because the schools viewed Down Syndrome as a liability.

That didn’t stop Isabella from pursuing her dreams. The 19-year-old slowly built an impressive portfolio and eventually the fashion world took notice. Isabella made her fashion debut at London Fashion Week earlier this year.

Isabella’s designs are influenced by her upbringing and identity. “I love using Guatemalan textiles for my designs because they are very rich in colors and in patterns and I identify with them, because they are “carefree” … just like me,” she wrote.

But her main inspiration comes from other adults with Down Syndrome.

Isabella’s story is a testament to never giving up on yourself, no matter what other people say. As long as you believe in you, the sky is the limit.

You can see all of Isabella’s beautiful designs here. And we can’t wait to see the young designer’s career skyrocket!