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Micheline Pitt
Credit: Micheline Pitt / https://www.instagram.com/p/BsbAWTXHgJR/

We’ve been following designer Micheline Pitt and her pinup-style offerings for a while now. (Remember her cosmetics collab with makeup artist Julie Hewett or her capsule collection for Unique Vintage?) So we were super pumped when we heard that Pitt had created a collection of clothing and accessories inspired by Mean Girls Club, a comic book by Ryan Heshka.

The Mean Girls Club x Vixen collection is made up of 15 unique pieces featuring Heshka’s artwork.

The brand explained that Heshka’s Mean Girls Club turned “the image of the stereotypical 50’s female upside down and inside out to give a new, sassy and defiant voice to these ladies of leisure,” and the collection reflects that rebellious attitude with items like a T-shirt called “Mantrap,” retro A-line dresses covered in spiders, and more.

We asked Pitt how the collab came together, and she said:

Pitt designs her collections and lines at least a year in advance and said that when Heshka contacted her, she ended up moving her calendar around in order for the collab to be a Spring collection. “I knew that Spring 2019 was going to be my last romance with pinks for a long time,” Pitt told HelloGiggles. “I took some of my new designs as well as my old ones and paired them with the novelty prints I created using Ryan’s artwork. One of the first things I knew I wanted was a fabric print in the end papers of his latest comic, Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn. We agreed to change the colors so that they could be more wearable but it still feels true to the art.”

Below is a selection of some of our favorite pieces from the Mean Girls Club x Vixen collection, which is available in sizes XS to 4X. The line has staggered release dates between now and March, so make sure to check michelinepitt.com regularly for your favorite pieces.

Mean Girls Club x Vixen Vanity Fair Dress in Pinky Spider Print

We love this retro pink dress, but arachnophobes might want to keep scrolling.

Mean Girls Club x Vixen Mantrap Spiderweb Top in Raven Black

With a name like “Mantrap Spiderweb Top,” how can you resist?

Mean Girls Club x Vixen F U T-Shirt

People will get the message loud and clear when you’re wearing this top.

Mean Girls Club x Vixen Babydoll Top in Vegan Faux Leather

How insanely chic is this vegan faux leather top?

Mean Girls Club x Vixen Pinky Spider Print Tote

Thought you’d never need yet another tote bag? Surprise!