Gina Florio
Updated Mar 01, 2017 @ 3:41 pm

Writer and fashion blogger Leandra Medine is best known for starting Man Repeller, which she describes on her Instagram as “a humorous website for serious fashion.” She has nearly 2 million Insta followers and over 7,000 posts. Her latest project is bound to rope in even more fans than before. She teamed up with fashion label Monogram to create a line of unique Man Repeller t-shirts. They’re colorful and funky, and they’re injected with the perfect dose of Leandra’s personality.

If you’re not familiar with Man Repeller, here’s a little crash course. Leandra once said that good fashion was all about giving women what they want. What we happen to love, though, are the trends that men don’t usually like to see. Hence the name Man Repeller. Their founding tenant is “the belief that style is a meaningful form of self-expression.”

As you can see, one of the Man Repeller t-shirts is bright pink with a picture of a tasty fruitcake on it. It looks good enough to eat. The fruitcake wasn’t just chosen arbitrarily, though. Traditionally, a fruitcake is something you bring to the people who just moved into your neighborhood as a welcome gift. Leandra said this “seemed really on point for Man Repeller, because we are constantly welcoming people to join our community.” We dig it.

Leandra’s other t-shirt is bright red with a picture of a knife and a fork cutting into the words Man Repeller. “We’re expressing the action of eating up Man Repeller [content],” Leandra said.

As for the fit of the shirts, Leandra made them the way she wishes all her t-shirts would fit: “Neckline — always crew neck, preferably falling in line with my collarbones; quality — just the right amount of starchy and soft; and arm-hole width — I don’t like T-shirts with tight sleeves.” Sounds super comfy to us.

These vibrant shirts are available for purchase starting today, March 1. There’s a pop-up shop in New York all month at Canal Street Market, where you can buy either shirt for $65 each. If you’re not able to make it to NYC, visit Monogram’s website and order one (or both).

We have a feeling these shirts are going to fly off the shelves. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a little online shopping to do.